June 9, Friday afternoon

The Coast Guard rolled in yesterday morning with Steve, Bob, and Chris coming ashore to repair the fog signal. Despite excellent problem-solving and teamwork, they were unable to finish the repair. I look forward to seeing them again next week maybe. The fog is in today! 

What a treat yesterday to meet Deb and John sailing the Mahayana on their way to Virginia, and full of invigorating stories from their 10 years of sailing and adventures in 21 countries. Happy Anniversary today! From the catwalk on the tower we stood several minutes entranced by a couple of humpback whales – a calf and presumably it’s mama – sharing themselves off the island’s east side. Awesome.

– Lee

Steve, Bob, and Chris working together to repair the fog signal.
John, Deb, and Rick on the catwalk. John is looking in at the Fresnel lens. The whales stole the show moments later. It was magical to watch and listen to them (breathing through their blow holes). Not easy to photograph them from the catwalk though. Sorry!
The Mahayana and the Bluemoon mooring overnight in the Cove.

1 thought on “Whales from the Catwalk

  1. Aww, so envious about those whales!
    Great parade of visitors. . seems each party a different purpose, background. . . Definitely not a boring gig!

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