Saturday morning, May 27 2023:

We are Lee and Rick H., honored and excited to be this summer’s keepers. Hats off to all the keepers who have gone before!

Spectacular opening day yesterday. We were onboard the Miss Lindsay with Captain Ethan by 6:30 am. The ride to Seguin was smooth and just long enough to enjoy short conversations with sternman Dana and documentary film student Isaac, and to garner good feelings for long-time volunteers Rick M., Tom and Greg.  Rick M. skillfully rowed us and all the supplies ashore. Apparently there have been occasions when the loaded dingy flipped in the surf, but not yesterday. The hike up to the lighthouse was awe-some with views and vitality, a pleasure to make several trips carting up supplies even if our arms ached at times. Cyndy and Jody followed about an hour later, bringing even more enthusiasm and practical gusto. 

It was invigorating to be alongside those incredible volunteers while on the island. Tom and Greg tended to the water system, Rick M. to the mowers and solar connections, Jody cleaned indoor spaces despite perhaps a preference for outdoors, Cyndy did a bit of everything while answering our ongoing barrage of questions. Isaac hauled all manner of supplies and took a lot of video and audio for his passion project, a documentary relating to Seguin Island. 

The volunteers departed in the late afternoon.  As their boat left the cove I felt the reality of our isolation alongside a sense of deep connection. Thankfully they left Cyndy with us for the next few days to guide us into the groove of daily chores and other projects around here. 

We cooked a good dinner, got a little lost on what we mistakenly thought was the Cobblestone Beach trail, then watched the sunset from Sunset Bench. Despite the cold, it was easy to fall asleep after such a glorious day.

– Lee

Arriving from Popham to the Cove
Getting ashore
Home sweet home

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