It has been claimed that the average person forms a new habit in approximately 21 days.  This may or may not be scientifically proven, but I’ll bet every past Seguin Caretaker had formed new habits in their first 3 weeks.  This is an island, a historical home, an amazing 164 year old lighthouse – this is a different way of life here.

Our temporary home has no blinds on any of the windows or doors.  It is nearly impossible to carry on with any activity without finding yourself stopped and looking outside.  Is it foggy or is the sun sparkling on the ocean?   What has the gulls chattering to each other?  Are those visitors coming up the hill?  How amazing will the sunset be tonite?  Can I see Monhegan Island today?  How are the lobster boats doing this morning?  And seriously, sometimes you’re just staring at the beauty and not thinking at all…

New habit? We have slowed down, time has lost its demanding control of us.  We wake up early, sometimes at sunrise.  We go to bed after the flag comes down, unless of course the moon is shining bright, or the fog has intensified the light from the lamp above us.  Then we may be out just marveling at the sky and our surroundings.

There are things to do each day to ensure that all is functioning as intended.  At first we needed reminders, now becoming habits.  Raise the flag first thing in morning (lower at sunset).  Turn on pump to fill cistern.  Prepare lighthouse & gift store for visitors.  Check the batteries for the solar panels.  Do maintenance on compost toilets.  Check on grey water tank.  Make sure marine radio is on to monitor Coast Guard activity.  Take a walkie talkie with you everywhere.  Sweep the floors and outside sidewalks.  Walk down to lookout or cove to see moorings.  Keep track of tides and wind directions.  Replenish drinking water from jugs brought from shore.  Not many of these things were part of our lives three weeks ago!

It is definitely springtime on the island (folks tell us summer doesn’t arrive in Maine until July).  Flowers are popping up all over.  Blackberry bushes are showing signs of future desserts.  Crabapple trees are growing little green fruits.  The birds are numerous, varied, vocal, and active!  Nests with eggs can be spotted off the trails.  Baby ducks learning to swim.  I won’t even go into the flies, bugs, mosquitoes and harmless snakes everywhere.  And of course the grass keeps demanding another cut again – soon!

The sunny days are beginning to outnumber the cloudy days.  Now mind you, that doesn’t mean there won’t be fog.  It actually creates a very cozy feeling when it rolls in, covering us all around the island.  This is also our sign to turn on the fog signal with our handheld VHF marine radio (previously referred to as a walkie talkie – lets get this marine lingo down correctly!).  Last week we listened to an exchange between the Coast Guard and a sailing vessel captain who was “dead in the water with zero visibility”.  Turns out he was moored at a navigational buoy just about a 1/2 mile from us and we couldn’t even see him.  And with only a dinghy at our disposal, probably couldn’t have helped anyway!  They did call in SeaTow to his aid.

Our Wednesday “go to shore” day this week was our best yet.  We didn’t try to accomplish everything possible and there were no weather nor tide issues calling us back early.  So after laundry and a short-listed shopping trip, we were able to walk around Bath and get to know our little town a bit better.  We sat in the afternoon sunshine out on the deck of Kennebec Tavern enjoying a leisurely lunch – with no masks!  And cover your ears, Lily, dog free.  Meanwhile she was back running around on Seguin “helping”  the Wednesday Warriors.  While we head to town, these are members of FOSILS who come out to work on a never-ending list of projects and give tours in our absence.  They are currently re-arranging the museum here with upgraded and new displays – lookin good!

Last weekend was our first really busy time for visitors and tours.  We had a 1/2 dozen or more boats that moored and came ashore.  Even had an outrigger canoe!   And Cap’n Ethan is offering a new schedule of ferry rides out to Seguin every other Sunday morning (with or without lobster).  With groups of 6 or so passengers arriving every hour until late morning, we had a blast chatting with folks, giving tours, opening the gift store.  Many were locals bringing their out of town guests up to the lighthouse – it was a spectacular sunny day.  Even Lily had a chance to play with a couple of different visiting dogs – and she was lovin that!  

So grab your boat, find a friend with a boat, or contact Ethan (Seguin Island Ferry & Fish ‘n’ Trips) and come on out to visit.  We do have walking sticks to help you up the hill  ; )  It would be our pleasure to share some time with you on memorable Seguin Island and hear more of your stories! 

Just lookin, not thinking
Makes 5am worth it…
Home sweet home at dusk
That Light!
Did you say compost??
Spring has sprung…
…on the trails
New baby gulls?
Learning to swim w/tough love
Just watch where you step!
Can you say fog horn time?
Fog Dog
Going to shore!!
Who said boots aren’t fun?
A leisurely moment
The catwalk
Lily shows Oliver around
They really do help!

6 thoughts on “Week Three

  1. Nice meeting you two today. And very nice blog, Jan. Did you know that fogdog is a meteorological term, meaning a bright spot seen in a fog bank?

    1. We did not! And Lily is certainly a bright spot for us . Loved your EllieBella. Hope you got out before the fog settled in!

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