Sunday, July 3rd – Well it’s July 4th weekend and it’s official – summer has started in Maine!  I pulled out my yoga mat as I do really like to start the day with some stretching, reflective time.  To set an intention for the day… almost there when a group of 4 walked up!  I was almost done though, but still in my leggings and it was only 0830. This group was great and enjoyed every minute of the tour of the Tower. Picture is of Dave, Caroline, Maria and Greg.

We have friends Cindy and Dave from Connecticut that were our neighbors.  They moved into the hood the same time I did and it was the first home for both of us!  I started dating Steve and we became very close friends with Cindy and Dave.  Ok I did digress a little but there is a connection!  The next group were Dave and Cindy – this is the 2nd “Dave and Cindy” that have been to visit Seguin and it reminds me of our neighbors! I need to send the Blog address to them.

Next was a group of 5 young men, the Colorado Boys!  I guessed 25-30 years old based on our guys,  but they were 21-23!  Yikes.  All super friendly, interested in the info I had to share and very polite.  I told them about the special picture I can take in the tower where the background is flipped and I took that picture of 4 of the 5 guys plus Steve took a group photo outside the Tower. But one of them was supposed to give me his cell to text the picture, but we both forgot! (Update: Eventually they reached out to Carney who does our Instagram and I was able to send the photo on the right to them – yay!)

Well today was tour, tour and more tours – somewhere around 8 groups. Powerboats, sailboats, young/old, dogs – we had it all today!  I thought today was a busy day. I didn’t know what was coming!

During the Tower tour, as we are walking the catwalk outside, I have pointed out how we get the dead grassy area around the rocks which eventually results in less mowing.  Here is a picture from the Tower of what it looks like.  The grass is dying because as the rocks heat up from the sun, it dries out the adjacent grass/dirt and the grass dies.  Pretty weird.  We’ve already begun to notice how a lot of grass is no longer growing.

We needed a quick dinner.  Steve had made some chili he had a bowl and I just piled some on a salad with some extra avocado. Light and yummy.

Tonight, was another Mount Washington night.  I tried to get a little more creative with the edges.  We also saw a lot of firework displays, up and down the coast but they were pretty far away.

Pictures below are a little sample of the fireworks we saw as well as a post sunset – the moon is up!

Monday, July 4th – Happy 4th of July!  Sunny, currently calm.  Perfect! Check out the clouds behind the flag – looks like eyelashes!  First tour of the day, Peter and Dorothy, again, very nice folks.  Everyone is so willing to share, chat, ask or answer any question.  We’ve met so many fun and interesting people, definitely a perk of the job.  They are starting to sail a lot as they were able to accelerate their retirement.  Their kids are in college in Canada. Really nice couple, might see them again in August as they sail back through the area.

Finishing up the morning daily chores, one of which is to filter some more water using our Sawyer filter.  We picked this up while we were in St. Thomas.  They were handing them out in an effort to encourage the general population to use this vs buying cases of bottled water. Instead they could run their faucet water through the filter.  The filter only lets water molecules through!  It filters out Cholera, E. Coli, Streptococcus, Salmonella, Typhoid, Dysentery, Botulism, and it goes from yucky to crystal clear drinking water!  We knew our water was not potable and that we had to buy our drinking water and carry it up.  This filter allows us to filter it and use that water for coffee/ tea, rice, pasta, etc.  Here are two pictures, one of a jug of water before and then a pic of a pan with the clean water!  It’s amazing! And you just periodically backwash the filter and it will last and filter like a million gallons!

Expecting lots of visitors as it is July 4th!  Annotated the Donation Box we have next to the guest book in the Tower (we have lots of donation boxes around) with our Venmo address.  Seguin_Island just in case you are wondering and felt like making a donation to support the preservation of this Maine Maritime gem! 

Then here we are all dressed in our patriotic outfits!  I brought all of these items just for today!  Yes, I know my pants aren’t the American flag (they are actually Norway’s flag), but they are red, white and blue!  Aren’t we just the cutest couple ever?

Since we don’t have any way of knowing when visitors come up the trail, we try to do tasks around the house and Tower so we’ll see them.  Even still, we find we miss a group or two when they first walk up.  So, I continued to work on putting sand in the sidewalk by the Tower.  I used up all my sand!  These two pics show a section of the Tower walkway where I’m done (around to the west) and a pic of the next task, the sidewalk out front leading to the flagpole.  It’s time consuming but very rewarding as you can see your progress! 

We had a mix of guests today. I think a total of 29, but they were spread out, so that was nice.  I think we thought it was a long holiday weekend, we would have had more – you know once word gets out that Carol is giving the tours!  Here’s a picture of a group I named “PIBS” – Peter, Irene, Bev, and Sean.  Sometimes my system works great.  But if I get more than 5 people in a group, the system doesn’t always help, plus I need a vowel! Peter and Irene have been here before but not the others.  They said they would be back again over the season.  Next up, we had a group of 9 from a powerboat.  The more senior person, we think his sister was a founding member of FOSILS.  It is amazing the connection the local area has to the island.  It’s an important piece of history to a lot of people, one worth protecting / preserving.

I headed down with my paint and paintbrushes to paint the “Seguin Walking Sticks” sign located near the donkey engine house, but as we did, a group of 5 came up, 4 adults and 1 little person. Very interesting group.  One of the women was into glass blowing so she was super intrigued by the lens in the Tower and I think it was her beau that was a Master Rigger at Robin Hood Marina (Robin Hood is up the Sheepscot River, take a left at Macmahan Island and you end up in Robin Hood Cove). When it was time to leave, it was the little persons job to push out the dinghy with the adults in it and hop in as she was the last one in.  She was having a little bit of trouble with it.  She got in, but the dinghy was coming back in on a little wave so Steve, pushed them out!

Guess where we went next?  Down to the Cove and the geese family were coming in.  Mom + Dad and three little ones, only they are growing pretty fast.  First, they came into the beach area, pecking on some seaweed, didn’t like that and waded back out into the water.  Then they came over towards us and walked up right behind us to nosh on some grass under the tram section.  We have noticed a significant increase in goose poop in that area!

Walking up from the Cove, we noticed the sun was passing through the lens.  Made it look like it was on!  Tonight’s dinner was swordfish, cumin cauliflower and roasted butternut squash arugula salad with toasted pepitas, chopped figs and maple vinaigrette and yes, she remembered to take a photo!

Spent some time down in the whistle house researching flights to try and get Colin (our younger son) and Aliese (his girlfriend) here for a few days.  Oh my, flights and times were crazy trying to get from Richmond, VA to Portland, Maine.  Then it’s a bus ride to Bath, then an accommodation if you’re in the late evening, then a ride to get the boat in the morning!  Yikes.  I’m crushed as I really wanted them to visit.  

Back up to the main house.  On the way up, I noticed several more firework opportunities! There were a couple much closer to us tonight.  I later found out that there is a competition between Phippsburg and Georgetown!  These we could almost hear!   Steve was on sunset bench.  He thinks he has seen a whale breeching the surface.  It was definitely a large dark shadow in the water….Once the fireworks were over we went in to watch some more of “Call the Midwife” on Netflix I think. I’m really enjoying that series.  Later that night, we walked out to check the stars – another Milky Way night!

Tuesday, July 5th– Relaxing morning.  Weather report – squinty!  We ate breakfast on the porch as usual, took our time and rallied about 10. Decided to continue working on the front sidewalk since that is what visitors see right away.  All done!  This won’t take as much sand as the back sidewalk. 

Well, our first guest came up, it was a single person by themselves.  I’m always amazed that people would boat by themselves. That seems a little risky to me. He was followed by a group of 9.  This was a group of three adults and 6 young people.  Captain Jeff and Liz Armor run “Different Drum Sailing Adventures, Educational sailing adventures in Maine, Chesapeake Bay and the Bahamas for teens, adults, teachers, schools, scouts and families.” ( ) The group was very interested in the Tower and they were very polite and courteous.  Liz and Jeff usually run 4-6 trips a summer up the Maine coast and almost always stop here at Seguin.  So, I will be seeing Liz again! They stopped in the gift shop to buy some swag and I pulled out my little glass full of shells that have an opening if you want to wear one on a necklace or hoop earring.  I said to the young women, you have to select one that speaks to you.  They were very excited to select their very special Seguin shell from the Cove to wear!  That was pretty fun! They headed on their way and I headed down to paint the stick sign.  It didn’t take long and was definitely in need of a coat of paint.

Last but not least, we have our first zucchini in the garden!  Nothing else in my notes – how can that be?  Oh, not going ashore tomorrow, weather is not cooperating.

Wednesday, July 6th – Overnight it was pretty stormy and rainy which was perfect timing as the garden was in need of some water and we also started the foghorn. Steve took a walk down the main trail towards the Cove looking for some snail things that hide in the moist grass.  He was using them for bait, but wanted to collect some so he could tie up to a mooring and fish a little bit.  Once he got on the section of the trail that has a little bit of a canopy, he found a bunch.  He put them in a container with a little grass and poked a few holes in it.  Not sure you would have guessed what they were by the picture but to me they almost look like garbanzo beans except for the grass!

Once he got to the Cove, he noticed a good size seal on the beach pretty far up.  He came back up to the house to get some gloves, a broom and a few other things to see how we might get him back into the water.  He found phone signal and looked up how to help a beached seal. First thing they said was to be careful as they will bite.  By the time we got back down there, he was just swimming away, but there was a small powerboat in the Cove and a man standing on the beach! 

Turns out, because of the seas, he was feeling a little ill, so they dropped him on shore to recover for a few minutes while they went and caught some bait fish.  Another person on the boat had taken a video of the seal.  He looked a little beat up they said, not quite injured but he had some cuts on him.  Anyway, I guess he found enough energy to flip flop himself back to the water.  Once in the water he looked like he was swimming ok.  I took a frame from the video, not very clear. See what we might have missed! All of this before 8:30 a.m.!

The weather started clearing a little bit but it was interesting to see the fog going by as well as the sun being out. I had a video of the flag with the fog rolling by, the clear sky above and the fog horn going, but too much work to put it on YouTube to then put a URL here. Oh well, use your imagination…

I was randomly checking email and Cyndy forwarded us an email about flying our flag at half-mast until July 9th. It was a very official email as the original email was from the President – “As a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of gun violence perpetrated on our Independence day, July 4th, 2022, in Highland Park, Illinois, by the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public building and grounds, all military posts and naval stations and…. until sunset, July 9th, 2022.”  Holy cow, can you image the distribution list on that email! Out we went to lower the flag.

Next was a group from Harpswell, which is around Cape Small and up a little.  Harpswell is the next ‘finger’ of land.  It was a mom, Jessica, her three kids, Eloise, Adair, and Augusta and her parents, Amy and Nelson, in a 15’ Boston Whaler!  Even though the weather had cleared up, the wind was blowing and was expected to get worse.  Turns out they own a farm in Botetourt, VA near Roanoke.  The grandmother got a little wet coming over so she had left some of her clothes drying on the beach.  Gave them a tour and they were all excited about being here. 

They could tell the wind was getting worse and decided it was best to head back sooner vs later.  Small craft advisories had been issued and frankly, we were nervous.  We politely asked her to text us when she arrived back in Harpswell.  As they were leaving, Amy mentioned how she wished she had a raincoat since she got really wet coming over.  I said we can give you a large contractor grade trash bag as we are a full-service Lighthouse, we aim to please!  She said that would be great!! We cut a little hole in the bag for her head.  She didn’t want any arm holes as she was going to just wrap it around her.  I asked Jessica to send us a pic of her on the boat.  Here they are leaving the Cove and the picture of Amy in her latest fashion raincoat!

Next group was from a powerboat as well, but a little bigger!  It was a grandfather, a couple of adults, 3 young adults and 1 child.  His name was Bill Webster.  A quote from the 200th Anniversary Seguin book states, “In the spring of 1986, Anne Webster, assisted by her father, S. Sewall Webster and friend Pat Moffatt, decided to see whether she could find local interest in maintaining and preserving Seguin Island.  The response was overwhelming.”  Anne was Bill’s cousin and Sewall was his uncle.  That was pretty cool! Everyone joined in on the tour of the Tower!

I was trying to build my acronym but I said I can’t do with without a vowel!  Someone pipped up and said well, we do have an Elizabeth – still too many letters!  Anyway, Charlotte was the little person and she was so well behaved during the tour.  Up in the top of the Tower during my lens discussion, she politely raised her hand and said, “Can I see where you live?”  I said absolutely you can when we finish up with the tour!  I took her over to our side of the house and gave her a tour.  I pointed out my sea glass collection and asked her if she wanted a piece and she said YES!  We selected a curved piece of frosted clear glass with which she was very excited. Then we rejoined the group in the giftshop.  I also pulled out my shells for them too!  Some of them selected their favorite one. Lastly, I mentioned while in the gift shop that there is a picture of a Mr. Webster painted by someone with the initials ABW in the lower right.  They were going to check and let me know if that Webster was related to them!

When they headed out, I headed down to check the Clivus then joined Steve and we headed off to clip the South Trail and spray some PI (Poison Ivy).  It was beautiful!  I don’t remember walking this far out on the South Trail.  I definitely want to go there on a low tide day as I’ve seen some cool pictures from someone that must have climbed down and took pictures looking back up! Also today, for the first time I saw 2 sets of baby seagulls up close.

As we came back, you could see Cobblestone Beach.  The waves were crazy! Also, when we head out like this to do a few things around the island, we have a whiteboard we hang on the door to let folks know where we are or when we’ll be back.  When I came back, I finished up the second half of the back walkway with sand.  Now the back is all done!

Last part of the day, we walked down to the Cove again.  It was very windy today.  No geese or ducks.  We toasted to Steve’s cousins who were gathered today for Re-Re’s funeral.  I also talked with a friend Sharon about coming to visit July 15 & 16.  She has requested the Friday off, but won’t know till next week.  I’m hopeful – throw it out to the universe as we say!

Thursday, July 7th – Today we went ashore! Rise and shine campers!  We like to be in the Cove by 0645 so we can get the oars, uncover the dinghy and bring all our stuff down to the water line. Last week we forgot a few things to bring with us, but this week we are on it and ready early!  We also didn’t have as much to bring in as the Transfer Station is closed on Thursday.  Cyndy was kind enough to let us drop our trash with her!  Thanks lady! The volunteers were bringing in some wood today as some facia boards needed to be replaced in preparation for the new roof coming the end of July.

Very interesting ride in as Ethan wanted to pull a trap before we got into Popham. Sam, Ethan’s summer helper, is getting the fish head bags ready to put in some traps, but next to it I noticed a lobster cage with a wooden frame in it.  I asked Sam what that was and he explained they drop the lobsters in, their tail first, so they can put bands on the claws.  Then I saw the metal crate sitting above it – notice it’s called a “BandMate.”  Gives an alternate meaning to ‘band.’ I should send that photo to Tom and Ken (Steve’s friends in their garage band).  I also noticed a very tiny starfish on the floor of the boat.  I picked it up.  Didn’t look like it was moving, but I tossed it back to its home just in case. Then I took a video of them pulling up a trap and opening it up and pulling out the catch, dropping them into the wooden frame and banding them.  Pretty interesting and you need to do that with EVERY lobster!

As I was waiting for Steve to pull around, I was walking around and saw a pretty plant that was flowering next to some rocks on the side of the road at the Fort Popham Historical State Park. I have the “Lens” feature on my google phone which looks up the picture and tells you what plant it is. It’s called Common Milkweed. Didn’t look like that to me. I thought milkweed was the thing we painted in crafts at school and it had all the little seeds with light feathery things that blew away in the fall. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Next stop at Cyndy’s to give her our trash and she has a bell for us to hang somewhere that visitors can ring to let us know someone is here!  From there, it was the laundromat.  Steve headed out to get water and he swung by the fish store and the produce place to see what they had to help us with our shopping at Shaw’s. 

Today we were a little crisper moving through our tasks as we are meeting my Mom in downtown Bath and my Southport Sister – Diane, for lunch!  She had brought Mom up to her place for the July 4th week.  It’s great of her and my other sister Judy to take Mom once in a while to their summer fun places so she has a chance to get out of “dodge” as we say.   We ate at Bruno’s Wood Fired Pizza on Front Street.  Steve and I had pizza there back before we headed out to Seguin.  Here’s our lunch pic.  We all had pizza’s and Mom had pasta and sauce that she said was delicious. I brought Mom a T-shirt from Seguin!  She was very excited.

We left the Bruno’s Pizza and stopped at the P.O. to drop off some birthday cards.  Mail Mike was working and I heard him mention to a person a few people ahead of me that the price of stamps was going up to 60 cents.  Here’s two perspectives for you.  I still think it’s a deal that you can send a card clear across the U.S. and it will get delivered in a few days, for 60 cents.  I shared out loud my thought and the woman ahead of me replied, “it all goes up and the service goes down.”  She went on to explain that she has to come in to get her mail and drop off her mail.  They no longer deliver or pick up where she lives.  Guess I never really thought about how there might be a lot of folks in rural areas that don’t get any U.S. Postal services due to increasing costs, less staff, etc.  Something to think about next time you walk out to your mailbox. 

Ok – so off to the dock to meet Ethan.  Did the usual, unload Carol and all the stuff and Steve parks the car.  I carried everything down to the floating dock (yay!) to wait.  At the back of Ethan’s boat, he has a fiberglass tank that holds his haul.  The lobsters in here have already been banded and are ready for sorting.  When they pulled up, they needed to unload the tank and put them in the lobster “cars.”  This time he filled three of them.  He still said his haul today was light. Once he fills them, he puts them in the water and ties them off in his skiff slip till he comes back after dropping us at the island.  Then he drives them to where he sells them to a distributor.  It’s a long day for a lobsterman!

Well, we’re on our way in.  Sam started to untangle a mess of rope on the back platform and Ethan told him not to worry about doing that.  So, I took it upon myself to see if I could get it untangled before we arrived at the Cove – Stop the clock – she did it!!!  It’s sort of a thing I enjoy doing, the challenge of untangling.  I’ve untangled lots of stuff including several necklaces for a friend of mine.  Humm, so where does that come from…..

We got everything in the dinghy, onto the beach and up the first set of stairs. We were deciding what needed to go up and what could stay and low and behold a Boston Whaler pulls up to the beach!  His name was Yash and today was his birthday.  He took the day off from work and his wife suggested he go for a boat ride (another boater by themselves).  Really nice person – he helped us carry our stuff up to the house!  I gave him a tour, which he very much enjoyed.  He works for Hinkley (the boat people) but he works in their power boat division. Missed taking a picture again!  I’ll probably learn to remember taking one about the time we’re due to leave!  I went back in to put our shopping away and Steve went down to help him leave (push his Whaler back out) and 2 more groups came in! One didn’t have time for a tour but the other did.  So, back in to host mode! But I did get a pic of the group that had time for the tour.  Oh, and Mom sent me a pic of her in her swag – looking good Anne!

The second group that came in was on a large catamaran – S/V Thirsty, beautiful boat.  You’ll see a few pics tomorrow.

I finished up around 7 and luckily Steve had started cooking dinner. We seemed to have found our balance between who does what.  Many times, if I’m late with tours, he starts cooking dinner, which is awesome! Tonight, was fresh haddock, red potatoes and salad.  I’m tired just typing it all up!

Friday, July 8th – Good Morning! Breezy, with some clouds that look like wispy eyelashes! We sat out front with a fruit plate (nice, since shopping was yesterday although the cantaloupe doesn’t look like it faired too well in the transport!)  I took a picture of the guest log book.  We have a subtotal through June of 119 and you can see the tally for July so far is 114!  Things are picking up!!!! 

This morning I also came across a photo book published by Michael Boonstra.  His friend Frances Cousin discovered Seguin in 2007 and suggested they apply to be caretakers and they were here the Summer of 2010.  His photo book was amazing!  The light was working and it’s source was a 1000 Watt incandescent lightbulb.  It was interesting to see how in 12 years somethings have changed yet so many things have remained the same, the furniture, the dishes, the view!  We sat on the porch for a little bit flipping through his book and enjoying all he captured. In addition, he also had pictures of the museum.  It was great to see what it looked like as now we have these really cool aluminum-clad posters that have all the information on them.  Guess I should do a post on the museum! The picture to the left shows our light source, an LED. There are 12 little strips each with 3 dots that light up.

The other boat I mentioned yesterday, ‘Thirsty’, their crew came up this morning for a tour.  They were Shamus, Amy, Bob and Barb.  They are sailing north for some races and ultimately up towards Roque past Bar Harbor near Jonesboro. We chatted with them for quite a while. It has been super interesting to hear of various peoples’ stories, their journey, what brought them to Seguin, etc.

Well, let’s see what’s on the agenda for today.  We headed off to whipper snip the North Trail.  There was a lot of new growth, mostly on the sides and the seagulls are not too happy with us being near them.  After lunch we noticed a rather large boat approaching the island.  Good binoculars are key here.  Turns out it was the Harbor Princess out of Boothbay Harbor.  I think it is a whale watching trip.  Steve said it looked like there were a hundred people on the boat!  They made a pass by the island then headed down east. We waved, but not sure you would see us unless you had binoculars on the boat!

Not sure where the rest of the day went, but it has a way of doing that….. We headed down for Cove Time and saw our geese family approaching… the goslings are getting pretty big, but they still can’t fly yet.

To the left is a picture of another squall that came in around sunset. The colors were amazing!

I worked on the blog – feeling much better as I now run about a week behind the current week, phew.  Tonight, we had lamb, beet greens and wild rice.

Saturday, July 9th – Happy 91st Birthday Joan! (Steve’s Mom) Many of you may remember my effort last year to send Joan 90 birthday cards for her 90th birthday and we were very successful in that effort and already another year has gone by!

We had a yummy little breakfast and remembered to take a pic with only one piece left.  It was homemade sourdough bread, a little pesto, greens, tomato, smoked trout and a little kalamata olive.  Almost bite size pieces as if you make it whole, then try to bite it, everything falls off!

Weather is beautiful, a little cool and wind has settled a bit. We took a brief walk down to the Cove just to check on what’s going on.  Here’s a much better picture of the Rosa Rugosa’s on the way down the main trail.  We had two boats spend the night. 

Back up to the house to get ready for the day. We had several large groups today.  Usually there is a couple of people in the group who have been here before bringing new friends to come and enjoy the beauty of Seguin.  When we have a bright sunny day, you can catch some amazing pictures in the Tower as the sunlight comes through the lens and creates a prism on a wall or the floor.  Today was one of them!  The capability of the whiz bang cameras on the phones today seem to enhance the brightness and intensity of the colors in the prism.  These were taken around mid-day today.

I’m getting a little better with the names of the visitors! We had Spencer and Elizabeth Gray, former board members of FOSILS.  Very nice folks and they enjoyed the various overlooks on the island.  Then there was a large group, some of which wanted a tour, one of the couples knew Diane and Dave from the Southport Yacht Club. It really has been fun meeting so many people with so many amazing stories and learning about why they LOVE Seguin! It’s very heartwarming! Here’s a pic of our busy day in the Cove!

As a side note, today was also a VERY exciting day for Diane & Dave, their “new” boat S/V Tenacious, arrived at the boatyard near them!!!  She was able to be down at the swinging bridge that brings you over to Southport and catch a quick video of it coming across the bridge.  We are very excited for them and hope to see them at Seguin someday soon!

The afternoon settled down a little bit.

After looking through the picture book Lightkeeper Michael made, I have a new perspective on some of the views around the island.  For instance, we walked over to a rock where a seagull was standing where we’ve never seen a seagull before.  Then we remembered that was where a large group had their picnic lunch today  and figured maybe there was some piece of bread or something.  We never found anything, but it’s amazing how the bird knew to come here and check it out.  When I walked up there, I thought well this is a cool angle of the house and tower.

We did have one group come just for a picnic dinner.  They came over from Popham.  How fun is that!

Then later on as the sun was setting, I walked around again with my new perspective on light and angle. I guess I feel I compelled to share these pictures as each is different and unique from the ones previously posted. The lighting, the time of day, the subject matter etc. all create a different look.  Interesting how there are only so many buildings on the island, but so many ways to capture their beauty.  You can almost feel the history.

The last picture is of the moon and those little white dots are the fishing boats.  Sometimes they are there all night long as I see them still there in the morning.

Well, another week in the Blog!

2 thoughts on “Week of July 3rd – Happy 4th, Full Service Lighthouse, Happy Birthday Joan and a New Perspective on the Island

  1. I always find something we have in common- from using Google Lens, to appreciating the bargain that is the USPS! (And there are stamps you can buy that are ‘permanent’. Even if the price goes up it will always get your letter there.)
    The pictures of the Keepers’ residence reminds me of old books I read as a child, about the Boxcar Children. They stayed in one once and yours is exactly how I pictured it- albeit a different color .
    Keep on keeping on…

  2. Carol this is just beautiful. Hope your motherinlaw had a great 91 st birthday. I remember sending the card last summer!! Looking forward to seeing you next week. We start our journey north on Saturday.

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