Today we had a 13 visitors to the island, all part of a wedding party. Seeing the island teeming with people was a welcome taste of the excitement the summer promises to bring, and hearing their impressions of Seguin and the beautiful Maine Seacoast was yet another reminder of how lucky we are to live here. 

For the majority of the day we continued our  efforts mowing, weed whacking, and raking. It’s hot and sweaty work, and we’re pretty itchy by the day’s end, but we’ve also felt some pride in providing our visitors the opportunity to hike along the edges of the island and grateful to help create new memories of Seguin. 

Daily Weather Report 
Temp: High 67.8° Low 54.3°
Sky: Mostly clear with morning fog
Wind: SW max speed 17.2 mph 
High Tide: 4:29am / 4:13pm 
Low Tide: 11:54am / 11:16pm 

2 thoughts on “Wedding/weeding

  1. Have you found all the trails? When we were there for the summer, the end of the south trail was totally lost and we started clearing in the wrong direction. Same with the north trail loop, from the “swamp” to the intersection rejoining the main trail.

    1. I think so, although we haven’t cleared the loop end of the North Trail yet; we’re discouraging hiking it due to nesting birds. The South Trail is cleared to the end, although we’re also warning guests about the gulls on the tip of the island.

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