When I’m not being a lighthouse keeper on Seguin, I teach kids in the Seattle area how to build educational toys made from everyday materials like yardsticks, rubber bands and drinking straws. In the process, we discover all kinds of important things about science, math, history, art, and engineering.

So it was a pleasure this morning when the Carville family (Emily, Greg, Eleanor and Julian) came up from the Cove after spending the night on a REAL sailboat and built TOY sailboats with me! Eleanor, 11, and Julian, 8, used kid-friendly hammers and saws to design and construct their sailing vessels. Then they tested their creations in a big tub of water set up in front of the Museum.

Their boats worked great in our simulated ocean! How they’ll perform in the REAL ocean had yet to be determined!

Julian tests his boat while Eleanor works on her design.

-Rick H.

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