Built in 1857, Seguin Light is not terribly old, at least by New England standards. When we give tours to visitors from outside of New England, as we did today, they are amazed that a building so old is still standing. This conversation invariably leads to one question:

“Is it haunted?”

The question always brings a smile to my face as we recount the ghost stories of Seguin. There’s the keeper whose wife drove him mad by playing the same song on the piano ad infinitum, until he took an axe to the instrument and then her. Passing sailors claim the hear piano music playing across the water on still nights. There’s the young girl who was buried on the island and can be heard laughing and calling out to visitors, or running up the lighthouse steps. There’s a former keeper who is so vexed when current residents move furniture that he returns it to the original position.

The following question, without fail, is

”Have you seen any ghosts?”

We answer as non committedly as we can. There have been a few suspicious incidents since we arrived on the island. Once, while alone in the keeper’s quarters, I was somehow locked in the basement. What makes it even more odd is that door has a hook and eye latch, and we have no explaination of how it happened. Twice, Maureen and I have heard a female voice distinctly call out “hello?!” Thinking guests were arriving, we pulled on our boots and ran outside only to find the yard vacant.

The are plenty of rational explanations for these occurrences, of course. It’s a drafty house and doors blow shut all the time. Maybe we just heard a seagull cry and mistook it for a woman’s voice. We try not to jump to conclusions, but there is always one last question. It’s wording betrays the beliefs of the guest:

”But you do / don’t believe in ghosts, right?”

I think anyone who’s asks this question is missing the point. The real question to ask is

“Do ghosts believe in us?”

Daily Weather Report
Temp: 73.9° / 71.7°
Clear skies and sunny with afternoon shower and fog
Wind: N 2.2 mph / Max 30.9 mph
High Tide:1:37am / 2:17pm
Low Tide: 8:05am / 8:11pm

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