Traditionally, Wednesdays are the day we hang up the rakes, kick off the boots, and head to shore for espresso and bagels. It’s also our day to provision for the coming week and do our laundry.

We’ve streamlined the process by using Hannaford-to-go and a drop off laundry service, but there’s one step that can’t be outsourced; we have to hand carry everything we bring back to Seguin up the hill. On a typical week, this includes three totes worth of groceries, two bags of clean laundry, and 10 gallons of water.

Luckily for me, Maureen is in training for the Grand to Grand, a 171 mile stage race in Utah, so she carries all 80 lbs of water up the hill as part of her regimen. I carry the laundry, and the totes are secured onto a cradle that we’ve been customizing since its original conception by Chris Hall.

I won’t lie, carrying our provisions is sweaty work and it’s something we have to convince ourselves to do. But I can’t help wondering how we’ll remember this when years have passed, when we’re recounting stories of living on Seguin Island for the summer, and telling about how much fun we had getting up that hill.

Daily Weather Report 
Temp: 73.8° / 60.1°
Wind: 11.4 mph
Skies: Mostly Cloudy 🌥️
High Tide: 8:07 am / 8:22 pm
Low Tide: 2:02 am / 2:04 pm

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