We’re unexpectedly baaack…to the fully familiar, a rare commodity these days, no?  At the same time, we’re returning with a substantial helping of the unknown, due to and distinct from COVID-19.  Am I writing in riddles?  No more than these days are riddled with continually evolving and frequently conflicting verbal and written advice, executive declarations, orders, and recommendations we are to translate into actions with which we can actively pursue our lives and stay healthy.

The backstory?  Chris and I were already in Maine in March when FOSILS learned that this year’s keepers would be unable to make it to Seguin this summer.  When that happened, FOSILS reached out to ask if we could return as keepers this year.  Anticipating that our summer plans were days from cancellation, which ultimately transpired, we said, “YES!”

Since that time, I’ve been thinking about this year’s blog. Specifically I’ve been thinking about how I will structure it differently, in style and content, to share both what happily hasn’t changed – the cycles of the seasons, the tides, and this year’s crop of hatchlings – and what has – just about everything else – inspiring longings for “normalcy” as we all work to navigate and safely live in our new pandemic-guided world. 

I’ve discussed this year’s blog with FOSILS executive director, Cyndy Carney and, so far, we’ve agreed to a weekly versus daily blog.  I will be discussing the remainder of my intentions with her in the next couple of weeks, prior to our early June arrival on-island, so keep your spyglasses handy for updates!

In the meantime, take a moment to virtually visit the island at SeguinIsland.org for fond memories and for Summer 2020 info.

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