It has been raining and foggy for the last two days, so we had given up on having visitors to the island. It wasn’t until we took advantage of a brief break in the storm that I realized we weren’t alone at all, we were surrounded by brown lipped snails, Cepaea nemoralis!

Full disclosure; had to look up the Latin name. And the common name. I’m not even sure they are brown lipped snails to be honest. But they are everywhere on the island, especially on wet days like these.

When we first decided to come to Seguin we told everyone that we were going to live on a tiny island. As time has passed, the scope of this place has surprised us. Seguin is bigger than we had thought, not just in area but in diversity and in the experiences it offers. Every day it seems we discover another curious feature that we hadn’t noticed before, and I wonder what secrets the island will reveal next!

Daily Weather Report 
Temp: 65.7° / 57.0°
Dense fog with periods of heavy rain
Wind Speed: E 15.2 mph
High Tide: 12:56 pm
Low Tide: 6:44 am / 6:45 pm

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