With the school year ending and the summer officially beginning, we expected this weekend to be busy and a good taste of what the summer would bring for visitors. Instead, today was a near total washout and no visitors came to the island. The forecast is for rain and scattered thunderstorms tomorrow as well, so it may be a very quiet weekend.

With it being such a quiet day, I baked bread in the morning and we had it straight out of the oven with some blackberry jam I bought at Lisa Marie’s in Bath when I was on shore on Wednesday. I never got into baking bread during the pandemic, so I’m a little late to the game. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how easy it is to make a simple rustic loaf of bread. I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with sweet and savory modifications to the recipe throughout the summer.

Without being able to work on the grounds, we mostly spent our day cleaning, reading, and playing cribbage and Scrabble. We searched the closets to see what games other keepers’ have brought to the island over the years, but we only found an incomplete Battleship game. We’ll have to find some other good two-player games for future rainy days.

In the late afternoon the rain let up a bit and we took a walk with the dogs down to the beach and the cove trail. After dinner we did a full loop of the North Trail and did our final markings of the loop so we’ll be able to open it up completely to visitors by July 1st.

Hopefully some sunnier weather comes our way soon and we’ll see some more visitors.

Daily Weather Report
Temperature: 65.1 / 57.0
Steady rain in the morning; cloudy and scattered showers in the afternoon and evening
Wind: NE 3.4mph / Max Gust: NE 17.2mph
High Tide: 12:11pm
Low Tide: 6:00am / 5:59pm

1 thought on “Rain, rain…here to stay?

  1. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make some Juneberry jam soon. Or have they disappeared from the Cove Trail?

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