I’m not sure when or where I learned about the superstition of saying “Rabbit, Rabbit” (or in other variations, “Rabbits” or “White Rabbit”) as the first words you utter on the first of the month, but what I do know is it’s supposed to bring good luck. I think it worked because we were met with the most perfect day we’ve had in the one month we’ve been on the island. It was sunny and warm with a gentle breeze and calm seas. Every one of the 16 visitors we had today remarked at how lovely it was to be on the water.

Today we were discussing wildlife on the island with one of our guests, and he asked if there were any rabbits or squirrels on the island. As far as we know, there are currently no mammals on the island except bats, but this wasn’t always the case. During our deep cleaning of the museum yesterday, we read a newspaper article from the early 1960s about life on the island that said that the island used to be stocked with hares that served as a source of food for the three families living here year-round.

Even on the days when we have no visitors, we’re never really alone out here. Seguin is teeming with all sorts of critters like snakes (garter and smooth green), snails, seagulls, Canada geese, osprey, cormorants, goldfinches, ducks, barn swallows, butterflies, moths, and crickets. Not a day goes by without seeing nearly all of these creatures somewhere on the trails, and sometimes in the house (crickets are always in the kitchen sink!). Seguin is their home, and we’re just the visitors.

Daily Weather Report:
Temperature: 76.1 / 64.6
Sunny with scattered clouds
Wind: 5.6mph N / Gusts 20.6mph N
High Tide: 7:22am / 7:46pm
Low Tide: 1:13am / 1:25pm

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