It’s been pretty clear on the island for the last week, but the there was some heavy Maine fog when we first arrived. One night when we were socked in I snapped this photo, and it’s become a favorite of mine because it reminds me of Seguin’s primary purpose as beacon to those trying to find their way.

Yes, Seguin has a lot to offer. It’s a safe harbor for passing boaters, a sanctuary for nesting birds, and an adventure destination for hikers and history buffs alike, but it has always been foremost an aid to navigation. During tours of the tower I sometimes recount a time when friends and I sailed from NH on a sailboat with no engine or electronics, using only charts for navigation. Entering Portland under a blanket of darkness, it was the lights from Portland Head and Bug Light that guided us safely in.

Now that summer is here and the number of weekend visitors is ramping up, it’s time for us to put our other chores aside and attend to our primary responsibility; our guests. We’ll be here for anyone looking to visit the museum, tour the lighthouse, or sit on the porch and swap sailing stories. We can get back to mowing the grass on Monday.

Daily Weather Report 
Temp: High 79° / Low 63.1°
Mostly cloudy, clearing in the afternoon
Wind: NNE 12.3 mph / Max Gust: 15.9 mph
High Tide: 11:28 am / 11:26 pm
Low Tide: 5:18 am / 5:14 pm

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