Seguin offers four main trails that are great for exploring the island. One of them, the North Trail, includes a planked walkway running through a wetland that hosts a lot of poison ivy. So far we’ve been able to keep that short portion of the trail clear of poison ivy by frequent trimming, and sometimes spraying it with a vinegar solution. Is there a better way?  

We haven’t had any practice with poison ivy at our home base near Seattle. We welcome your advice in the comments. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Poison Ivy Removal – Advice?

  1. Trimming likely makes it spread better. My advice is to put on gloves and a coverall that can be washed separately or discarded and and pull it out roots and all.

    I realize you are trying to be environmentally sensitive, but there are herbicides that are specifically for poison ivy.
    Jack Graham, 2005 Caretaker. I pulled out a lot that year. Obviously not enough. Poison ivy, like cockroaches, will be around when the world ends.

    1. Thanks Jack! Glad to report as other grasses etc. fill out, the ivy is less dominant. Too much in the wetland part of the north trail loop to pull by the roots, but I get your point. Will watch for places where that would be do-able. I hope you are enjoying your summer this year as well.

  2. Chronic problem. I guess just keep whacking it back! Glad to see you are keeping the North Trail loop in good shape.

    1. Thanks Timothy. Yes that North Trail loop is special, no? Saw a couple of mink kits in there last week, playing with a snake. Pretty sure it was their mama who hissed at me from the brush, left of the wooden walkway facing north.

  3. There’s a good article online from Univ of Florida Extension Service discussing the plant generally and recommended herbicides.
    In my experience in Ohio the most important control measure is to eliminate climbing plants or other plants large enough to produce berries. If you have active berry production, it’s pretty hopeless.

    1. Thanks Janet. On my way to reading that now… I haven’t seen the climbing version around here, but the vines do creep along the ground very effectively. Take care in Ohio, and thanks again for your advice.

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