At the mouth of the Kennebec River sits Seguin Island Light Station, the second-oldest lighthouse in Maine and commissioned by President George Washington in 1795. Since 1857, sailors have been guided by its unique, ingeniously designed 9-foot lens that uses just one lamp to cast a light beam that can be seen 20 miles away. A MPBN Production.

Shooting video on an island involves negotiating logistical concerns that go beyond the ferry schedule. For one, weather (and in particular, fog) is always a concern. MPBN videographer Chad Diamond recalls some of the hurdles that needed to be overcome in shooting the Maine Experience segment on Seguin Island.

A short Visual Tour of the Kennebec River and Seguin Island Lighthouse. This slide show depicts the casual sights one might see on a boat trip down the Kennebec and to the island of Seguin. It has a calming audio track by Charles Gounod.

Seguin Island has a long history. With that said we can expect to have ghosts living on the island. This is a great spooky video with a few first hand experiences and a brief appearance by Connie Scovill Small, author and former resident of Seguin. Turn down the lights and sit back for a haunting experience. By

This minute and a half aerial video was produced by Sebago Estates with collaboration from Ocean Point Aviation, Wiscasset, ME. and FLIP video. This video circles the island by plane and shows the lush and majestic side of Seguin Island.

Watch this great short done by our friends at the Maine Office of Tourism. Follow the link below to see how Bath and other areas of Maine are presented to the world and beyond.

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