I am, at best, tolerant of history. I would love to refer to myself as a history buff, since I am drawn to history when it is well presented and because we have been to a greater than average number of historical sites in our travels, but I abhor the dry and dusty litany of names and dates we were forced to memorize in school. i guess I’m a fan of living history, of places like Seguin.

In a lot of ways the history of Seguin is the history of its technology. From the improvements in the lighthouse lens, the transition from whale oil lamps to solar powered LED, and the evolution from bell to fog horn to whistle, the advancement of technology on the island continues. Today I spent a portion of the day clearing vines from the spot where someone carved their name in 1859. I cut weeds and overgrowth from the site of the blacksmith shop, once one of the more important buildings on the island that now only exists in photographs.

For the later part of the day I installed a Starlink, which brings high speed internet to the island by communicating with satellites in near space. A few weeks ago we installed a state of the art weather station which uses the Starlink to transmit data in real time to a crowdsource forecasting network and to our website. It’s interesting to wonder what technology will be written in the next chapter of Seguin’s story, years from now when we too exist only in photographs.

Daily Weather Report 
Temp: 72° / 59.7°
Cerulean blue skies ☀️
Wind: WSW 19.5 mph
High Tide: 9:28 am / 9:38 pm
Low Tide: 3:18 am / 3:22 pm

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