Carol and Steve

Welcome Steve and Carol Pietryk. They will open the island to the public on Memorial Day. Please welcome them as they welcome you. Happy Spring everybody!!!

9 thoughts on “New keepers for 2022!

    1. Thanks for your well wishes. I will forward your message to Carol and STeve
      Cyndy Carney
      Executive Director

    1. I just spent a week with them training for the season. They are great! Hope you can follow their blog starting Sunday or better yet, meet them in person on the island! Thanks for you rinterest
      Cyndy Carney
      Executive Director

    1. Thank you. I will forward your message to Steve and CArol. They were installed at the Station last Monday and the blogs are starting to roll in. I will have them posted by Saturday. Keep posted!

  1. I can you both are seasoned at this type of travel 🙂 And, nothing wrong with lists. I have lists of the lists at my house. Glad you made it there safe and excited to see your other posts soon.

  2. Wow! How exciting. I am so very happy for you and another adventure. You two know how to live. : )
    And I love the photo above your bio! Have a wonderful time!

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