When we returned to Seguin after our day off-island last Wednesday, we were delighted to find that volunteers from Maine Island Trails Association (MITA) had, like elves in the night, visited the island and done a TON of work while we were away!

They used long-handled trimmers to clear brush from under the tramway, mowed around the concrete fuel-tank “cradles” dating back the Coast-Guard era, and assisted FOSILS volunteers in preparing the historic Donkey Engine House for re-siding.

In our time here as keepers, we’ve come to appreciate that preserving Seguin’s natural beauty and history takes a collaboration between MANY organizations and individuals. Seeing the results of MITA’s efforts that day really drove home the point: their team of nine volunteers accomplished in a few hours what might have taken us weeks to do on our own—if we even had time to get to it. Thanks MITA!

-Rick H.

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