I don’t know if we quite appreciated just how foggy Seguin would be. In theory we knew it was one of the foggiest places in Midcoast Maine, but what that meant for our day-to-day experience was hard to imagine.

The long holiday weekend was very foggy, so the bulk of our visitors came on Sunday when the fog cleared for most of the day. The fog settled back in overnight, and this morning we awoke to a sheet of gray outside our bedroom window. The skies cleared around 10am and we had two groups of two sailors visit the island and take a tour of the lighthouse. After only a few hours of sunlight, the fog rolled in again and we couldn’t even see the water from the front porch. The humidity, lack of breeze, along with the high temperature made the island feel like a steam bath for most of the afternoon. Just as the sun was starting to set, the fog dropped down and settled on the water. We still couldn’t really see the ocean from the house, but the skies cleared up enough for a beautiful sunset.

It’s funny how days when it’s foggy it’s easy to forget that we’re almost 3 miles from shore. It would be easy to mistake the oil house as being on the plains of the Midwest with the tall grass swaying in the wind and barn swallows overhead.

Daily Weather Report
Temperature: 72.7 / 60.3
Foggy with a brief clearing late morning.
Wind: WNW 0.0mph / Gust: 6.6mph
High Tide: 12:54am / 1:35pm
Low Tide: 7:24am / 7:27pm

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