After several thick days, the fog finally lifted and we were greeted with long views and big skies. The visitors that we have been expecting since the holiday finally arrived; we had a steady stream of 27 guests throughout the day! Frequently, a visiting group is comprised of experienced islanders who are initiating friends or family to Seguin. A few were local boaters who had sailed past the island for years, and finally made good on their promise to stop and explore our shore. In all cases, our favorite visitors are the young children.

There’s probably something about a remote island that speaks to the child in all of us, but adults are usually composed and reserved when expressing wonder. Kids are not. They run around starry eyed at the private world that’s been unleashed upon them; they chase snakes, barrel through the trails, and grasp at the rainbows cast by the lighthouse’s prism. We hope that they are creating lasting memories of Seguin, but if the details of their day on the island fade, we know they will always have some vague recollection of having been to a magical place.

Daily Weather Report 
Temp: High 77.2° / Low 61.5°
Foggy in the AM with clear skies for the remainder of the day
Wind: W 1.1 mph /Max Gust 12.5 mph
High Tide: 12:08 am / 12:52 pm
Low Tide: 6:42am / 6:42 pm

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