Having a little extra time with guests who stay overnight has been special for us keepers. The “suite” above the Seguin Island museum sleeps up to five people. It’s two cozy bedrooms complete with bath, plus microwave, coffee maker, and small fridge. Most recently the Dominguez / Mono family completely filled the place with laughter. Their delicious-smelling barbecue dinner was followed by a stormy night and then a beautiful calm sunrise. Family chuckles and joyous energy persisted throughout. “We spent the once-in-a-lifetime night on this beautiful island with the loveliest hospitality…Beautiful memories where made here,” they wrote. Thank you Maria, Raul, Leo, Suzanne and Frank!

The campground located on the Cove Trail offers a great option for tenters as well. If interested in spending the night on land, you can get all the information you need and begin the reservation process here: https://seguinisland.org/the-island/spend-the-night/

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