Sunday, June 12th – Another beautiful day on Sunny Seguin!  Water was pretty calm and temp was feeling quite pleasant. Heard the Popham Chapel church bells this morning – the wind must be blowing in the right direction!  That happens to be the Church where we park our car.  We mowed the front lawn and around the house and we weed whacked all around up top here.  The house, around rocks, the signs, the steps, the bell (there’s a topic for a blog).  I’ve decided we’re going to use “whipper snipper” instead of weed whack, I’m tired of saying that!  A friend of Steve’s from Australia figured out, only after reading several blogs, what “weed whack” meant! In Australia, they call it “whipper snipper.” I kind of like better!”  It’s got a nice little ring to it. Thanks Myles! Oh, and here’s me with my “whipper snipper!”

Then on to finish cleaning the steps with my bleach wash and the white bench at the top of the tram.  We have three memorial benches here.  Nice way to commemorate special loved ones.  Then I washed one of my sun shirts in some Dr. Bronner soap as it got pretty dirty over the last few days.  I scrubbed the spots and viola; the shirt came clean.  Never heard of Dr. Bronner? Well check it out.  It’s one of those do everything soaps! The label is packed with all sorts of information.  It’s also supposed to be good if you come in contact with PI (Poison Ivy) and you scrub the area right away… might not even get a reaction.  Well, how about that!

Time to stop for some lunch but not super hungry.  Just made a little snack with some crackers, avocado, a roasted beet, chicken and a leaf of basil.  Yummy! I had received a text from my sister Judy a little earlier to see if I had time to catch up.  I called her back and she and Bill are heading up to Portland for a little getaway!  They live in the town where my mom lives and where we grew up, Woburn, MA (about 10 miles outside of Boston).  Had a great chat and she was wondering if we were still going in on Wednesday to shore and would we like to meet for lunch before they head to their cabin in NH!  Absolutely – that would be awesome!  I told her Diane and I had made plans to meet for lunch as well – WOW having lunch with my two sisters – how great is that I can’t wait!

We had a visitor come up the trail.  Jim from East Boothbay.  He is a chef at the Carriage House and this is his first time to Seguin.  Really nice guy and very interested in taking the tour and learning about the island and it’s history.    He was sailing by himself and commenting on how it was a challenging sail over – pretty windy.  Later on, we of course went down to the Cove.  Here’s a pic of his boat (no pic of him though).

We saw a family of ducks swimming in the Cove tonight and a Seagull just standing on the beach.  Both a little unusual.  The group of ducks had four adults and their little ones.  So, are they a family with sisters and brothers or do they just hang out together?  The seagull was just standing at the edge of the shore, not sure why.  It would be interesting to learn about their habits and the basis for some of their behavior.

When you slow down, you start to notice some of these oddities that occur rather randomly.  Came up from the Cove to start supper and it was just a pretty time of day, took a selfie. This picture passed the test so I included it – not like the laundromat one last week!

That’s all for today…..

Monday, June 13th – Today we had our first “paying” guests.  That means they have purchased a membership to FOSILS and have paid to stay here in the Guest Quarters which are above the museum.  They are from Pennsylvania and drove up here just to spend two days on the island.  They are professors from two different colleges on sabbatical.  I needed to finish doing a little tidying up on their side before they arrived.  They were supposed to come in with Capt. Tom, but turns out he had boat issues, so they arranged transportation with Capt. Ethan.   We rowed out in our dinghy to get them and bring them in.  They had done a good job of bringing all their own stuff, water, food, even charcoal for the grill to cook dinner.  When we walked up from the beach, we gave them a grounds orientation, helped carry up some items up the trail and then a tour of the Tower.  However, it was pretty foggy so you really couldn’t see much from the tower. Since they were here for two days, another tour during the day and one at night was on the docket. The weather didn’t change during the course of the day. 

I spend a lot of time on the blog.  Trying to catch up to current day – I always feel like I’m behind…. Which frankly I am!  Anyway, I sent out the email to my email group of all the peeps that want to know when the Blog is launched. Ta-da!

Steve worked on my towel rack.  I don’t have any place in the kitchen to hang the towels to dry (even the stove door handle is snug against the door) …. So, we came up with a plan – you’ll see pictures in a future blog.  It came out awesome! I made more rosemary sourdough bread today as we were getting low.  Plus, somehow it just seems right to be making bread from scratch here and it fills the house with an aroma of days past…The starter is holding up well even though the temps in the house are not conducive to fermentation (aka putting it in a warm, draft free place doesn’t seem to exist here)!

We had another couple of visitors arrive from Ogunquit, ME.  They were on their way home and stopped in.  Tower and property tour, the usual.  As dinner time was approaching the weather began to shift.  Sometimes we check out our couple of weather apps like “Tides” or “Windy,” it will say the rain, temp and wind direction.  Then it shows clouds and rain for an hour or two, the wind shifts and the sun comes out the next hour.  Darn if it isn’t right on the money!  But the pics today are of the crazy weather that came in.  I’m leaving them on the larger size as it was just amazing.  It started to rain and the wind she began to blow.  Here’s the sequence:

First around 4:32 pm, we had a rainbow in the east direction, a full rainbow and then a half. The half pic came out better than the full rainbow. 

A couple of hours later after the rain and wind died down a little, sunset at 8:17

but we could see a squall, with thunder and lightning to the East at 8:20,

another view of the sunset at 8:20 (zoomed in a little)

then a quick selfie (I am ready for foul weather) and a view of the tower, both at 8:21,

a black cloud to the north over land 8:23 (I’ve never seen a cloud that dark), and

the sunset is gone and replaced by more unsettled weather 8:33.

 It was wild to see all these within minutes of each just by looking in a different direction! We are definitely becoming more aware of our local meteorology – it’s a real live experiment!

We ate dinner and looked out later to see the full moon rising over the water!  This picture was with “night sight” on my Google phone (Not sure what the blue dot is in the pic – I”ll have to google it).

Tuesday, June 14th – Flag Day! Headed out to raise the stars and stripes and when I turned around it looked like an Osprey on the railing of the catwalk on the Tower – oh man – no camera!

Usually in the morning, we grab our coffee and sit on the front porch facing east and have out coffee/tea and assess the day.  Our PA guests Catherine and Elizabeth were out there so we asked permission to take their picture and then we joined them.  We chatted for a bit to learn a little more about their backgrounds, etc.  Quite fun and relaxing!  I shared some of our bread toasted and also on the plate was some jelly, cream cheese, sliced avocado, cucumber and a little smoked trout.  They were very excited and thankful for such a morning treat.    Well and this led to discussion on the bread making and I shared the story of Florida, Mike, starter, etc.  I offered to make some starter for Catherine to take home and experiment with this sourdough fun!

Well, I need to do some more starter so I figured it did so well yesterday, I can make another batch of bread, which means another batch of crackers (which we absolutely LOVE).  When you feed your starter, you take 120g out of the jar and add 120g water and 120g flour.  You then normally throw out the leftover starter…. That was what originally turned me off of bread-making (plus the carbs in bread…) But Bread Mike shared a couple of suggestions of things to make with leftover starter, one of which was crackers.  You just add some melted butter, a couple of tablespoons of your favorite seasoning you’d like in your crackers and a little salt.  Spread it out very thin on a Silpat or parchment paper on a cookie sheet and bake in a low oven (325 ish) for about 45-50 mins checking every 15 or so. OMG – they are fantastic!  I made a batch yesterday and today, but they do go fast!  Next time I make some, I’ll take a pic.

Gave Catherine & Melissa another tour since it wasn’t foggy today and then a stop in the gift shop.  Here’s Melissa sporting her swag!

I don’t see any mowing or whipper snippering in my notes so I guess we did other stuff.  We did have a group of three visit today.  Wendell (a FOSILS member), Duncan and Mike.  Wendell loves coming here.  Even though he has heard the spiel before, they all still wanted a tour!  Fun group, lots of questions and expressions of genuine interest.  After the tour, we walked around the museum and the gift shop.  Here is a picture with the swag they got.

Later on, we poked out heads out and the full moon was rising again over the ocean.  We both took pictures but Steve thought his was better…. here’s the pic Steve took.  Just incredible! This was at 9:47 pm!!!

Wednesday, June 15th – Shore Day! Due to the full moon, the tides are super high and super low! Beautiful day – and we’re meeting my sisters for lunch.  The routine begins – get up and head down to the Cove to wait for Ethan.  We don’t usually get a chance to really eat a breakfast so we grab a banana or apple and we’re off.  Once on shore, we stopped at Winnegance (that should sound familiar from the second blog) for Steve to get a coffee.  We have the normal errands but today we want to be done by noonish as we’re meeting my sisters, etc. at Mae’s Cafe & Bakery for lunch.  So, I did the laundry and Steve headed off to Rocky’s for a few things, the fish store and the nursery to get some tomato plants and a couple more herbs.  Then we went grocery shopping together. We are becoming more familiar with the store and we each took a cart.  I head to produce and Steve gets most of the other items.  If we lollygag, we buy more so we try to be crisp and not buy off the list.  It’s very tough.

Right on time we pulled up to Mae’s about 12:15, and Judy and Bill were just walking in.  Since there was 5 of us (Dave wasn’t in Maine this week so he couldn’t join us) we needed a larger table so we had to sit inside.  I get very excited to see and hang with my sisters since it doesn’t happen very often, I was a bubble of chatter!  Here is our group pic the waitress took for us. Well 2 hours goes pretty fast as we were all chatting. We needed to get going to head back to Popham, Diane was heading back to Shrewsbury and Judy and Bill headed to Ossipee, NH.

One last stop for us as I had a few cards to mail and a package with some dishcloths for Lynn Murray (Steve’s cousin Mike’s wife who just retired), so we stopped at the Bath post office.  ‘Mail Mike’ helped me out, very friendly and is a member of FOSILS. By the way, my mail got to Massachusetts in record time – thanks Mike!

Today, Ethan had a helper with him, his three-year-old son Griffin, very cute!  Tides were in our favor so we were able to load from the floating dock.  Pulled up to the loading dock and there was a lobsterman bringing up his lobster cages full of lobsters.  I made a polite comment, like ‘wow looks like a good haul’ as the cages were full and very heavy.  He said nothing, not even an acknowledgement.  Ethan said, ‘oh you met Mr. Grumpy!’ Couple of pics of Griffin – I guess the hum of the engine was music to his ears as he started to doze!

Lather, rinse, repeat right…. We pull up to the mooring, the Wednesday Warriors come out in the dinghy, they share any nuggets we need to know about, etc., we load up the dinghy and row ashore.  Just like Michael rowed the boat ashore…. (whose singing….)  Unload, carry to the beginning of the trail, pull the dinghy up, cover the dinghy and start the trips up the trail. But neither of us had to stop at the bench or pause this time – yay!

The day was still pretty nice so we planted our tomatoes, rosemary and oregano.   Oh, and some cucumbers.  I think that is all we are going to plant.  It’s pretty windy today, so we put some stakes in for the tomato plants.  It will be interesting to see what makes it given the conditions, etc.

Phew – just tired typing it all up!  Another unique and beautiful sunset !

Thursday, June 16th – Well today was a busy day all around.  Due to the weather the last few days, we need to catch up on our mowing and whipper snipping! The plan was to start with the Cove and Cobblestone Trails, then do the South Trail after lunch.  First a little primer on tides.  We use an app called “Tides” and here are a couple of screen shots.

The tides are currently extreme due to the full moon.  The screenshot on the left shows the low tide as -1.5ft.  That means it’s 1.5 ft lower than mean low tide.  The number on the right is the high tide at 11.3 ft.  It also shows the full moon was on June 14.  The next picture shows similar information in a slightly different format.  Very handy app plus you can click on the cloud/sun icon on the bottom and it will give you the weather for the location you have selected.  We use Hunniwell Point which is at Fort Popham (even though my screenshots show Boothbay – oops!).

We headed down to start snipping.  Oh, but here is a pic of the Donkey Engine House.  There is a diesel engine inside that they are trying to get working again….. Now you have a sense of where it is relative to the welcome area.

A family of four pulled into the Cove and came ashore.  They did some hiking on their own and said they would then come up for a tour.  Their plan is to stay overnight in the Cove as it is supposed to be a little stormy.  They were Eric and Valeska and their two boys, Theodore and Elliot.  Very nice folks and the kids were very well behaved and inquisitive!  Gave them a tour which they really enjoyed and the kids were fascinated. 

We took a break for some lunch and two guys came up, John and ? (drives me batty when I can’t remember their name or I didn’t write it down)! They were headed to Tenants Harbor / Rockland area for a race.  Very interesting as they had both worked on a restoration project for the Boston Harbor light a few years ago.  Someone was searching for parts to reconstruct a 1st Order Fresnel lens.  That someone even went to Tasmania to try and get some of the sections.  One of these days I’ll do a blog on just the Tower, just as if you were here!

After they left, we decided to do the North Trail to get it done as the weather was starting to turn and the temperature was dropping.  A couple of pictures here of the local irises in bloom.  I think I mentioned them in a previous blog.  At first, I thought someone planted them, but it turns out they are local to the island.  And then here is a pic of the Cove from almost the end of the North Trail.  That means we did all the trails in one day!  Phew, I’m exhausted.

Next is dinner – salmon, roasted vegetables and homemade corn bread.  Yummy!  I know, where’s the pic.  I’ll work on that.  Pretty tired today!

Friday, June 17th – Well today was a big Blog Day.  I am posting the blog now.  So I write it in Word, resize the pictures so it doesn’t take so long to load them and generate the post in WordPress on the actual site.  Here it is June 17th and I’m caught up to May 29th – whoop-de-do!  I’m on it and I’m determined!

Crazy weather day as the wind kept changing directions and you can see the storms all around us.  Here’s the view from the front porch – the clouds were moving!

Then I took the next four pics one right after the other and you can tell the flag was confused!

We have a weather station that tells us all sorts of information including wind.  However, the speed of the wind part is not working.  So I called Davis Instruments in CA.  Guy was really nice.  We talked about how to test to see whether it’s the transmitter or something else.  He is going to send us a testing cable.  Gave him all the info and we hung up.  Then we checked the folder in the manual box and low and behold we found one of the test cables in there.  So I called him back to tell him we don’t need the cable. We ran the test and got nothing.  That means it’s the transmitter.  I took all the data from him and put it in an email to Cyndy so she can bring it to the Board.  There were a couple of options so it really depends on how much they want to spend.

Received a phone call from a Sailor John Stenquist.  He is a local sailor and was thinking of coming over late in the day after he pics up a friend, stay here overnight and head back to the mainland sometime in the morning.  He asked if I had anybody that wanted to come over as they could come with him.  We didn’t have anyone waiting to come over but it was nice he offered. He chatted with Cyndy and she suggested he reach out to me.  Thought that was nice.

The weather cleared up and the sun came out! Steve headed down to the Cove to try fishing.  Capt. Ethan gave him some fly’s and other fishing items.  He tried from the beach, the rocks and even rowed out and tied himself off to the mooring with our lobster cage.

No luck – not even a nibble! We watched a little “TV” meaning a Netflix series Steve has been downloading to his iPad called “Call the Midwife.”  Thanks Theresa, I think you recommended it.  We’ve enjoyed it, acting is good and the characters are interesting.

It cleared up so much that we decided to step outside and check out the stars.  Holy cow, with no light in the tower and no other light pollution it was incredible!  Definitely like the milky way level!!!  The longer we stood there, the more we saw.  As I watched, I believe I saw the ISS (International Space Station) go by!  Any other Space Cadets (you know who you are) set up to get communications for their summer residence?  I usually have emails or texts set up for NASA to notify me when I can view it in my area (either VA or Florida) and I thought I had set it up for here, but have yet to receive a communication (I checked later and I hadn’t completed the confirmation part).  Also saw a shooting star!  And off to the ESE, there was a storm of some sort with lightning in the clouds, yet straight up here on Seguin, it was crystal clear.  No pics though….. you’ll just have to use your imagination!

Saturday, July 18th – Up early today, about 5:40.  Pretty cloudy and breezy (sure would be fun to have the wind speed working).  Although we are getting pretty good at estimating once we hang the flag.  As the wind blows the flag, the lines holding the flag are either close to the pole or when it’s > 25 mph about 6 inches away from the pole!  When I’m up this early, I think through my “to do” list and pick something that’s appropriate for 5:30 in the morning. Today it was to sand the pieces for the towel rack we’re making.  Then I can paint them and then we can hang it up!  After sanding them, I did some yoga to warm up the muscles and said “time to start the day.”

We walked down to the Cove to see if we had any visitors or if John Stenquist had come over.  Yep for visitors, there is a beautiful sailing vessel in the Cove, but no to John.  Two were rowing ashore.  Turns out they arrived late yesterday afternoon and stayed the night.

Some people you just click with.  We stood on the beach and chatted for some time as they answered our questions, we answered theirs!  My notes say Alex and Irene, but not 100% sure I got that right. Super friendly and very energetic.  They were just coming ashore to use the “facilities.” Here’s the crazy part.  Most of you know I grew up in Woburn, MA.  A small town about 10 miles west of Boston along what was once called the Rte 128 corridor (now it’s part of I-95).  They had 3 other crew on their boat and one of them, friend of a friend type of thing, was 66 years old (hadn’t done so well with the weather yesterday) is from Woburn, and still lives there!  At 66, she would be in-between my sister Judy and me.  So, she made a note of my name and was going to ask her if she knew either of us.  Pretty random I’d say.  Of course, they rowed back to their boat and I never found out.  We both remembered only part of their boat name, but not enough to look it up….. Bitter ”something.”

Two more guests, Chris & Ruth White in a powerboat.  Been here before, just a quick stop to get out and walk around.  Then John Stenquist came.  Super nice person.  He lives and works locally in Bath and has volunteered several times here on Seguin with some of the more major projects.  He brought food to share for lunch, which was super nice.  After lunch John and I took a walk to the North Trail and he was going to try and point out a special cove with some “hidden treasure” that is around north end of the island.  We couldn’t quite see it but in general I know where it is.  He suggested we consider checking it out during a low tide.  The seagulls are still pretty anxious with their new little babies so they were very noisy and today I was christened! 

We were waving our arms etc. but not enough to prevent them from relieving themselves.  Someone told me the other day they do not have a sphincter muscle which is why they poop all the time.  How about that for an interesting factoid today!!!  Don’t say you never learned anything from my blog!! A little more interesting was that he was supposed to come over with a co-worker that is about 30 years old as he was helping him check his traps.  In Maine, anyone can have a few traps (each person has told me a different number you’re allowed to have, somewhere around 5-7).  He said the persons name Wyatt and I said I think I know him through the Southport Yacht Club which is the one Diane and Dave belong to here.  Turns out it is the person I know!  Another small world.  We came back from the walk and as we were wrapping up because John needed to head back, he asked Steve about the fiddle / violin.  Steve picked it up and played a couple of tunes – his first attended concert! 

Down to the Cove for 5:00. Nothing of note today.  I just brought up some tumbled red bricks that I’m using to create some cairns for the footprint of the original 1795 Lighthouse.

Well, another week for the history books.

3 thoughts on “June 12th – First Guests, Crazy Weather, Lunch with My Sisters and Some Full Moon Photos

  1. Love your blog! I feel like I am there with you both!

    I couldn’t see or click on any pictures. Just the word pic and its number were there.

    Miss you!

  2. What a delight to be sharing your adventure nefariously. So glad you guys are hanging tight and enjoying yourselves. Please stay safe

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