Happy Fourth of July! We had seven visitors to start the holiday celebrations here on Seguin, and are hoping to have more as the weekend approaches. The majority of our guests today were new to the island, and most arrived by sailboat, which seemed challenging considering the general lack of wind. Despite this, we flew the large ceremonial flag and the US Lighthouse Service burgee to mark the day. For the past 229 years, Seguin Light has stood in service to this country, and we are grateful and proud to be a small part of its history. If you are heading out on the water this weekend we hope you have a safe but thrilling adventure, and when done, the light from Seguin will help guide you home.

Daily Weather Report
Temp: High 76.5º / Low 60.8º
Sunny with partial clouds, still
Wind: SW 6.0 mph / Gusts: 15.9 mph
High Tide: 10:24cam / 10:30 pm
Low Tide: 4:13 am / 4:16 pm

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