Today we had a quiet celebration on Seguin as we finally cut through the remaining section of North Trail, the last of all the trails to be completed. Of course, we still have some clean up of various lawns and the inevitable months of ongoing maintenance ahead of us, but this marks the bulk of our battle with the overgrowth. All trails are open!

In the afternoon, guests began arrive by the, well, boatload. We ended up spending time with 19 guests, some veterans of Seguin and others experiencing the island for the first time. We enjoyed watching families and friends hiking the trails and learning about the lighthouse, and hope for more visitors in the coming days.

Daily Weather Report
Temp: 74.3° / 60.4°
Wind: WSW 14.3 mph / Gusts: 20.6 mph
Clear Sunny Skies ☀️
High Tide: 1:31 am / 2:17 pm
Low Tide: 8:02 am / 8:11 pm

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