We had the pleasure of welcoming three different fathers and their children to the island today. The island was full of life with kids playing in the fields, guests getting tours of the lighthouse, and boats coming in and out of the cove through most of the afternoon.

We have loved seeing how Seguin is part of so many families’ summer memories. Hearing adults recount childhood memories of the tram, the old dock, and the hike up the hill has made us realize that everyone who visits takes a little piece of this summer wonderland with them.

We were particularly lucky that our friends who were moving a new sailboat from Mystic, CT up to Belfast, ME had a chance to stop by for the weekend with their young children. Last night we ate dinner in the dining room in the caretaker quarters and the house was alive with laughter and conversation – very different than our relatively quiet nights with just the two of us and the dogs. Today, the kids marveled at the beautiful rainbows the prism of the lens casts on the steps of the light house tower and then spent almost all day today exploring the trails and the cobblestone beach. They only took a break to watch dolphins swimming off the east side of the island through a set of binoculars. I have a feeling they’ll remember the magic of this island and fun day with their dads for years to come.

Daily Weather Report

Temperature: 67.3/54.0
Wind: W 15.9mph
High Tide: 7:12am, 7:37pm
Low Tide: 1:08am; 1:16pm

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