Group camping is permitted during the Seguin Island Light Station operating season from Memorial Day through Columbus Day only with reservations. Reservations are accepted beginning May 1st each year through the Friends of Seguin Island Light Station (FOSILS) office (207-443-4808 or in person at 72 Front Street Suite 3, Bath, Maine 04530 or The suggested minimum donation is $125.00 per group per night.

Seguin encourages all camping groups to involve themselves in a work project for educational purposes. FOSILS will review all projects and make recommendations as needed.

A list of person or persons in the organization who are responsible for the group is needed; including contact numbers on and off island. The organization spokesperson must identify time and dates of arrival and departure. Number of children and adult supervisors in the group are to be given, as well as the cooking method, and mode of transportation to be used.

Supervision: Campers under the age of 18 years of age must have adult supervision at all times. Depending on ages, there must be an adequate ration between adult to underage camper. The ratio will be reviewed by FOSILS.

Liability: A signed certificate of liability must be present prior to the camping date and sent to FOSILS by mail or email. Release Forms for individual campers is required.

Please download and fill out a FOSILS Release Liability.


Seguin is a remote island, nearly 2 ½ miles out to sea, accessible only by boat. Island visitors are rewarded with spectacular views of Maine’s Mid Coast while experiencing Seguin’s beautiful natural environment and unique history. Guided tours of Seguin’s first-order Fresnel lens are presented by the seasonal caretakers.
Tenting is allowed in the designated picnic area off the Cobblestone Beach path

  • NO open fires allowed anywhere!
  • NO running on the trails! Be considerate of nesting times of the bird population.
  • NO feeding the wildlife!
  • NO walking on the Tramway!
  • NO Admittance to the tower without the escort or permission of a caretaker. All children must be accompanied by and adult. High winds are often present on the Lantern Gallery so caution is advised.
  • NO Admittance to the Keepers/Caretakers private residence.
  • Report any injury or emergency to the Caretakers immediately!
  • Leave No Trace! Carry in/Carry out policy. If you bring it on the island please take it with you when you leave. You are responsible for all that you bring onto the island including the trash and debris you may generate.

Transportation: You are responsible for making transportation arrangements. FOSILS website and office have information on options.
ANCHORING IS NOT ALLOWED IN COVE DUE TO UNDERGROUND CABLES! There are a limited number of moorings in the cove, therefore FOSILS need to be aware of your finalized travel plans. Transportation from a mooring to the island is by boater’s dinghy. NO dock available
Monitor the National Weather Service forecasts. Seas and weather may affect plans getting on or off island. If your stay is cancelled for uncontrollable circumstances, your donation can be applied to a future reservation.

Food: Bring your own food and drink for the length of stay. A cooler is recommended to transport food and provide space for ice storage. In support of “Leave No Trace”, all articles brought on island must be carried off. NO trash barrels are provided.

Water: All drinking, cooking, and bathing water must be brought by campers.

Clothing: Dressing in layers is recommended to adjust to the changing temperatures with winds that change with the tides. Rain gear is essential for sudden changes of weather and thick, rolling fog. Appropriate footwear is necessary for your feet will get wet landing on Cove Beach, and sturdy shoes are needed to hike the many trails.

Sanitation: There is a composting toilet facility available on the island for public use. Campers are asked to use this toilet near the bottom of the Tramway. All regulations and guidelines must be followed that are posted in the toilet house, this is to ensure proper and continual operation of this facility.

Thank you for your support!

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