Thursday morning, June 15

As I write this Seguin’s fog signal is again singing it’s song after a period of being broken down. Thanks to the Coast Guard crew – Bob, Dakota, Katie, Steve and Rose (alphabetical order) – who succeeded in the repair mission! It’s fun to be around their camaraderie and teamwork. Now once again in thick fog Mariners can activate the signal on channel 83 or 83A and it will sound for 45 minutes. Seguin’s characteristic sound is two consecutive horn blasts of about three seconds each, followed by about 10 seconds of silence, repeat… The signal’s batteries are charged by the solar panels pictured above.

– Lee

5 thoughts on “Fog Signal Sounding

  1. Interesting that the Seguin lighthouse has its own signal.
    Neat to see women included in the crew.

    1. Hi Laraine. Yes, one of the women was on her first tour, the other had a little more time in the CG. The whole crew was a joy to be around.

  2. Looks like a good crew. Nice to see the ladies and men working together. How things have changed. I’m going to have to see past posts to see what all this was about.

    Have you two ever been to Arcada Nation Park in Maine? The front page when I signed in to the PC just now showed it. Beautiful place, not too far away after your tour of duty is over…if you have time to bum around. It has a place called Thunder Hole. I want to go!

    1. Great to hear from you Sue. We haven’t been to Arcada yet but if we can get there in our two free days in August we will. I appreciate your recommendation. See you there maybe : )

  3. As I signed in just now the front page was about Arcada National Park, Maine
    They have something called Thunder Hole. Sounds beautiful. Have you been? I wish it wasn’t so far away, I’d love to see it.
    You are a little over half way through the month already. Happy Fathers Day Rick,
    I know you are one of the best!

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