Thursday morning, June 1

Kathy and Alex of Vermont were the first visitors up the tower this season! They came Monday afternoon, marveled with us at the views and historic testimony of this place, and left with a family membership to Friends of Seguin Island Light Station and a long-sleeved souvenir t-shirt from the gift shop. They have a thing for islands! We heard some beautiful stories about the dog-sledding experiences they’ve offered through their business in Vermont, snow permitting.

On Tuesday we spotted a group of sea kayakers making their way around Seguin, and were delighted to meet them all when they came up from the cove in their dry suits and booties. Simon, Nicholas, Suzy, and two named Francois – from Quebec. Rick led them up the tower where they got a different perspective on the paddle they’d just completed. They were super enthusiastic and uplifting to be around. Departing from the cove they turned their kayaks back to face the shore and gave us a roll salute!

Yesterday was our first day ashore for laundry and supplies. Tom, Chris, and Rick M. came out to join Cyndy working on the island and Captain Ethan took us back to Popham. We arrived by about 7:30 am. Triple A showed up at about 10:05 to jump the car Cyndy had left for us : )   Tom, Chris, and Rick M. did a great job setting up the ways to make it easier to secure the dinghy and replaced some door knobs among other things. I thought shore days would be a breeze for Rick and me, a day off, so to speak. But upon return to Seguin in the mid-afternoon we both noticed it was considerably more stressful to be onshore. 

This time when Captain Ethan headed out of the cove the Miss Lindsay had Cyndy aboard as well as the volunteers. Rick and I are suddenly, well, caretakers.  

– Lee

Kayak crew from Quebec on the catwalk
Day is done.

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  1. Following your posts. Looks like a grand adventure. Have a great time, see you when you return.
    Joe and Tricia W

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