Intentionally set and monitored until out, the Wednesday Warriors and keepers burned accumulated wood scraps and debris from the Whistle House and Boat House.  The impetus, in part, was to clear out the front of the Boat House ahead of the imminent replacement of the front sill which has deteriorated over the years. More on that project next post!

At the same time, three members of the USCG came ashore to address the recently inoperative fog whistle.  Their temporary fix was to set it to the “on” position ahead of a scheduled return three days later, to replace the controller and return the whistle to radio-initiated operations. So yes, in the meantime, it was on 24/7, an appropriate hedge against a real need versus not having it available if it is needed. After all, Seguin Island Light Station is renown as the foggiest on the East coast.  As if to reaffirm that claim, there was fog some part or all of every day between the temporary fix and the intended installation of the new controller.  Thanks to a combination of weather and redeployment of the helicopter “asset” to accommodate a search and rescue mission, that will happen this coming week.  Best-laid plans are reliably bound to be changed!

Now, the helicopter transport of the crew, equipment and materials for their solar installation that will power the First Order Fresnel lens in the lighthouse is scheduled for this coming week.  Their seafaring colleagues did return Friday, delivering now goose-guarded conduit and the fuel that will be used to power the generator/tools used for their solar installation.  FAA regulations prohibit fuel transport by helicopter.

Between Tuesday and Friday, and ahead of Tropical Storm Fay, we experienced a stupendous storm and a rainbow to follow!  I was able to capture the warning clouds and, following the torrential rain and spectacular lightning, a fully arced rainbow from horizon to horizon.  A special thanks to Captain Ethan who provided an end-of-the-rainbow perspective of Seguin from the Maine-land.  Searching for a pot ‘o gold!

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