Here on Seguin we hear wonderful things about Damariscove and the caretakers there. It’s not in the cards for us to actually visit there, but we enjoy seeing it every day from a distance. One day, sailors Julia and John came up the Seguin Lighthouse Trail with a care package from their last stop, Damariscove. Together we opened a warm note from the Damariscove keepers Aiko and Scott, along with a foiled bundle of wild blueberries. What a prize!

A few days later some boaters on Seguin told us they were heading for Damariscove. They cheerfully offered to deliver our note and fresh lettuce from Seguin’s garden to Aiko and Scott.

It’s downright delightful to connect through this volunteer courier service. In addition to the blueberries and lettuce, at this point grapes, licorice, and zucchini have all changed hands this way. Thank you Aiko and Scott for initiating, and to all the mariners who further energize the joy of connection.

– Lee

2 thoughts on “Damariscove Caretakers’ Connection

  1. You can add Sarah Gudroe & Matt Guggenheim to your list of couriers! After visiting Damariscove and being greeted by Aiko on the dock, Sarah and I happily agreed to transport some crabapples and a note to Sequin this past Sunday, August 6 around noontime. We guessed it was around 9 nautical miles from island to island? We threw the ziplocked bag of apples to a kayaker on the beach. A bad throw at that. We hope you got them?!?!
    So much fun and would’ve loved to have tied up somewhere? We will be back again!

    1. Thanks Sarah and Matt! We got them but never had the back story. I think the kayaker had already explored Seguin and was probably ready to head back to Indian Point. Another visitor brought them up to us saying they found them at the kiosk with a note addressed to Seguin caretakers. Lovely chain of connection. Thanks again!

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