Everything on Seguin is weather dependent, and, for the last 24hrs anyway, the weather hasn’t been great. There have been bouts of rain, persistent wind, and we awoke to the island’s characteristic fog. Surprisingly, we were treated to a visit by a trio of intrepid sailors, coming to tour the lighthouse and museum before continuing on to Rockland Harbor.

With our hopes of beginning a painting project delayed by the weather, we used the remainder of the day to deep clean the museum and lighthouse. The light was soft and cast eerie, diffused shadows about the buildings as we swept and it was easy to see how ghost stories have persisted throughout the island’s history.

Daily Weather Report
Temp: 68° / 57.9°
Overcast; periods of rain and fog
Wind: WSE 9.2 mph / Max Gusts: 23.9 mph
High Tide: 10:24 am / 10:30 pm
Low Tide: 4:13 am / 4:16 pm

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