After a few rainy days, we’ve had some much nicer weather with some good winds. This means more sailboats have been arriving in the cove. Today we had some intrepid groups of travels visit the island!

Last night, a group of four high school students from Sanford, Maine and their sailing school guides arrived just before dinner on a 40ft sailboat. The students had never sailed before and were able to take the opportunity through a grant program to spend a week learning to sail around Casco Bay! We were really impressed with their adventurous spirit – going from not boating to living on a boat for a week is a big jump. The students conquered some sea sickness, the hike up the hill, and the steps up to the lighthouse tower in good spirits and were excited to continue on their journey. It was awesome to be able to host them for the night and be a small part of their incredible experience.

Just before lunch, a group of three sailors (and their small dog) who had been living on a 44ft catamaran for the last seven months arrived at the island. They had started their journey in Cape Canaveral and spend time in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas before heading north to eventually end up in Newfoundland. They hadn’t heard of Seguin before making their stop, so it was fun to give them the tour of the museum, lighthouse, and a little background on the area and the other local islands.

One of the joys of greeting the guests on the island is that everyone who comes out is a bit adventurous and has a great story to tell about where they come from and how they came to find themselves a few miles out at sea. Looking forward to hearing more stories as the summer goes on!

Daily Weather Report
Temperature: 72.0/62.8
Sunny and breezy; partly cloudy in the afternoon
Wind: 3.8mph; Max Gust: 19.5mph
High Tide: 2:21am/3:07pm
Low Tide: 8:51am/9:06pm

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