If you were to ask us how to best describe the opportunity to be caretakers on Seguin so far, I think both Matt and I would describe it as a privilege. To wake up and fall asleep every day to the smells and sounds of the ocean and to spend our days helping to preserve the beauty and charm of this living piece of history has been nothing short of amazing.

I think we’re most acutely aware of the privilege of living in this place when we get to share our experience with others. On Friday we were lucky enough to have two friends from our hometown come out to the island for the night with their dog. We spent the day hiking around the trails, exploring tidepools, reading about the history of the island, making and sharing good food, and watching the sunset from the yard. Life here is very simple and it was a pleasure to let our friends step away from the hustle and bustle of on-shore life to experience the peace that is inherent to existence here.

With every new visitor to Seguin, we find a deeper appreciation of the magic of this place that the passage of time has mostly left untouched. We’d love to hear what makes Seguin special to you. Be sure to tell us when you come to the island this summer or post a comment here on the blog if you aren’t going to make it this summer!

Daily Weather Report (Friday):
Temperature: 73.2/54.1
Mostly sunny and breezy
Wind: 5.8mph; Gusts 12.1mph
High Tide: 4:32am; 5:13pm
Low Tide: 10:35am; 10:46pm

Daily Weather Report (Saturday):
Temperature: 61.9/57.9
Overcast with some drizzle
Wind: S 12.5mph; Gusts 17.5mph
High Tide: 5:14am; 5:50pm
Low Tide: 11:29am

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