Monday, June 19, 2023 – We woke up Saturday morning to torrential rains, high winds and an impending small craft advisory, which threw a wrench in our plans to welcome the first group of overnight guests to the island this summer. Looking at a worsening forecast, Captain Ethan accelerated the timeline for departure from Popham Beach and the party of six arrived aboard the Miss Lindsay three hours ahead of schedule—safe, sound, and ON Seguin!

Lucky for us, the intrepid group of travelers who’d braved pouring rain and bumpy seas was our own FAMILY—Lee’s sister and brother-in-law Nancy and Kevin, their daughters Reminy and Thea (with dog Flicker), and our own daughter, Daisy. Accompanied by FOSILS Executive Director (and my sister-in-law) Cyndy, the group’s arrival marked the beginning of a memorable family reunion / Father’s Day weekend.

Fortunately, the weather improved steadily, and we enjoyed many scenic strolls around the island, delicious family meals, crafting with sea glass, and moments of laughter and reflection.

On Sunday, we all managed to squeeze into the Whistle House for a Zoom call with family members who couldn’t be there in person.

To top it off, our guests were shuttled in style back to the Miss Lindsay Monday morning by ANOTHER family who’d just arrived to enjoy the splendors of Seguin. Shout-out to Brian, Joanne, Ben and Elizabeth for saving us a couple of strenuous dinghy trips that day!

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and memorable family weekend.


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