While much of New England has been blanketed by a heat dome, we’ve had some very pleasant weather on the island. It was a warm and sunny day with next to no wind, which was great for yard work and exploring the beaches, but probably a little lackluster for those out on sail.

We’re starting to see a steady stream of visitors now that we’re inching closer to the official start of summer. We had ten visitors today (three were from Sweeden!) who spent time hiking the trails and getting a tour of the lighthouse. So far, most people who have visited have had at least one person in their group who have been to the island before, so our conversations are often a mix of hearing how others have experienced Seguin on previous visits and bits of what we’ve learned about the island since we’re staying here full time.

Our last visitors of the day were from the Portsmouth, NH area and we had some mutual friends and knew a lot of the same people in the boating community there. They told us that they recently acquired their boat that used to be named Seguin Light and they had found some Friends of Seguin Island Light gear on board. As far as they know, this was the first trip back to Seguin this boat had had in quite some time. If anyone knows the history of how this boat came to be named Seguin Light, I know they are following the blog and would love to know more about the history of their boat!

Daily Weather Report
Temperature: 73.8/60.4
Mostly sunny
Wind: W 3.6mph
High Tide: 8:58am; 9:06pm
Low Tide: 2:52am; 2:50pm

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