We’ve noticed that mornings here tend to be warm, humid, and still. They are perfect for reading and sipping coffee on the front porch in the sun. The winds often pick up during the afternoon and sometimes bring in some threatening rain clouds or fog.

Today was probably the windiest day we’ve had since arriving on the island two weeks ago. We had sustained winds of 5-10mph with gusts reaching 20mph this morning. Despite the windy conditions, Matt was able to finish the last of the raking of the upper lawns by the lighthouse and the grounds are now in great shape for this weekend’s visitors. We had some friends arrive on their sailboat just before dinner and they said that while there were warnings of hail and choppy seas, the actual conditions weren’t nearly as hazardous.

Daily Weather Report

Temperature:  67.8/55.9
Mostly cloudy skies
Wind: S 20.6mph
High Tide: 5:34am/6:14pm
Low Tide: 11:56am

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